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This page is under construction.  Soon it will have my favorite homeschool recommendations, details about how I do thinkgs at my house, links that my class students can use to get class resources as well as information about teaching my material at your own co-op setting, etc.

Homeschool Recommendations:


Below is an affiliate link to Cross Seven learning video songs.  I have used Cross Seven for over six years daily in my homeschool.  You will be amazed at how much your child can learn in one year just by listening to short little songs called "jingles."  Cross Seven has videos for weekly songs that teach important facts in the categories of math, science, grammar, latin, geography, Bible, hymns.  Cross Seven is owned and operated by a homeschool and she has included lots of extra learning links on her website.  Happy singing!

Cross Seven Subscription

Speech Classes offered by Val:  (Val is taking this school year off from teaching classes so that she can focus on getting her podcast and youtube channel going.  If God brings her back to teaching speech classes after this year, she will post information about them here).  None for 2019-20 school year.

Elementary Memory and Manners Class

Middle School World Religions/World Missions Class

High School Practically Speaking Class

Practically Speaking Mini-Class

Practically Speaking Camp